Q.  How do I register for a level 1 class?
  A. You may register on this web site, 24-hour automated attendant      
  by calling 1-877-350-2221, Monday thru Friday  9 am - 5 pm CST.

  Q.  How do I register for a Level 2 class?
   A.  The only way is to speak to someone by phone at 1-877-350-2221, text message the word "help" to 256-274-4345 or in person.

  Q. How can I reschedule a class?
  A. Class seating is on a reserve seat basis.  To reschedule a level 1 class a fee of $15.00 for students rescheduling before 48 hours of class. Class can not be rescheduled or refunded within a 48 hour period previous to any class date. The only way to reschedule is to call 1-877-350-2221 for instructions. Messages or e-mails are not accepted for rescheduling or cancelation.
Level 2 classes can not be rescheduled. If you have an issue for non attendance, please contact us ASAP.

  Q. How do I pay for class?
  A. Cash or money order only. Level 1 - $40.00  Level 2 - $80.00. 
   You can prepay by Visa, Master Card, Discovery, E-Check and  
  PayPal before class by registering online. Cash only at class.
  "Ignorance of the Law" class must be prepaid before class.

  Q. How do I pay Court Cost?
  A. We does not accept court cost. You pay your court cost back to the court when you turn your certificate in, on or before your return court date.

  Q. What do I need to bring to class?
  A.  You need to bring any paper work that the court gave you or a copy of the ticket that was issued to you. You need the class fee or prepaid receipt, cash or money order and a pen or pencil.

  Q.  When do I receive my certificate?
  A.   You will receive at the end of your completed class.

  Q.  What if I lost my certificate?
  A.  Only the Chief Instructor my reissue a replacement certificate.
Q. Is this a "BORING" class?
  A.  Absolutely not! In fact over the years we have been voted the # 1 Traffic Safety Class in the area. Our instructor is 25 years prior law enforcement and has years of comedy experience. One things for sure, this isn't your average out of the box, from another planet, full of boredom type class.

                * IMPORTANT INFORMATION*

Attendance of these program's is a pleasure and or a condition of "The Court" and is not a
   right. Therefore we expect the following:

   Only students referred by a court allowed in the class area, no children allowed.
The use of cell phones during class is prohibited, including text massaging.
Student must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
During class discussion all students must be respectful to the Judge, Court, Law 
   Enforcement, Instructor, Staff and fellow class mates.
  Students must participate in program to receive a certificate of attendance.






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