Terms and Conditions

Q. Do I need permission to attend Traffic School?

A. Absolutely! You must first ask the Court that has jurisdiction over your ticket if you can attend this class. Attending without their permission will result in the loss of your time and class fee. Note-The officer that stopped you cannot give you permission to attend class. Only the Judge or their judicial assistant can grant permission.

Q.  How do I register for a level 1 class?
  A. Once permission is granted, you must register and pay on this web site on the registration page.


 Q.  How do I register for a Level 2 class?
   A.  The Court will instruct you on the process, then you can register for a level 2 class by calling 1-877-350-2221 ext. 3 or text message the words "level 2" to 256-542-1099

Q. Can I take the ZOOM class?

  This will be up to the Court. Our Zoom class is not considered an "online class", but rather a "live class" broadcasted in real time via the ZOOM app. Unlike self paced online classes, our class is monitored by multiple proctors enforcing strict guidelines and participation. Level 1 class only via ZOOM. (Level 2 - in person only)

  Q. Can I reschedule my class?
  A. All class seating is on a prepaid-reserve seat basis. The only way to reschedule a class is to call 877-350-2221 ext 5 or text the key word “help” to 256-542-1099 for assistance. To reschedule a level 1 class, a rescheduling fee of $20 for an in person class and a $25 for a Zoom class will apply and is subject availability and the approval of the Chief Instructor.

Class cannot be refunded within a 7 day period previous to any class date. Absolutely no refunds to students that fail to appear for the class.

Level 2 classes cannot be rescheduled. If you have an issue for non-attendance, please contact us ASAP!

  Q. How do I pay for class?
  A. Since Covid-19 we no longer accept cash. Payment must be made online at the time of registration.

 Level 1 - $40.00 (in person)

$50.00   ZOOM

Level 2 - $80.00

 You can prepay by Visa, Master Card, Discovery, and  
  PayPal before class by registering online. Pay as a "Guest".

No PayPal account needed.

No cash at class.

  Q.  When do I receive my class conformation?

A. You should receive your confirmation upon the completion of a proper registration via email. Check your spam/junk folder as well. In case you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at info@trafficschoolalabama.com  

Q. Why am I having technical issues trying to register or pay for my class?

A. For some users the registration page is
best viewed in the Google Chrome browse

Q. How do I pay Court Cost?
  A. We do not accept court cost. You pay your court cost back to the court when you turn your certificate in, on or before your return court date.

  Q. What do I need to bring to class?
  A.  You need to bring any paperwork that the court gave you or a copy of the ticket that was issued to you. You need the prepaid receipt, pen or pencil and your driver's license.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is strongly suggested that students bring and wear a face mask while in classroom setting. Students need to bring and use their own hand sanitizer.

  Q.  When do I receive my certificate?
 A.   You will receive instructions at the end of your completed class on how you will receive your certificate.

ZOOM class students will receive certificates via email after class. 

Replacement certificates - $15

Q. What if I have questions about my court case?

A.  Traffic School Alabama is strictly prohibited from giving legal advice. All questions and concerns about your case should be addressed with the court that has jurisdiction over your case. Traffic School Alabama is a class provider only.
Q. Is this a "BORING" class?
 A.   Absolutely not! In fact, over the years, we have been voted the # 1 Traffic Safety Class in the area. Our instructor is 25 years prior law enforcement and has years of comedy and 33 years of public speaking experience. One thing for sure, this isn't your average out of the box, from another planet, full of boredom type of class.

  Attendance of these program's is a pleasure and or a condition of "The Court" and it is not a right. All students will be respectful to others in the class as well as law enforcement and the courts.



Q. What is the address/directions of the class locations?




Central Hall Activity Center  

1931 Central Parkway Suite "A" Decatur, Alabama 35603


Athens-Limestone Library

603 S. Jefferson St. Athens, Al. 35611



 Sparkman Civic Center 

 406 Nanceford Rd. Hartselle, Alabama 35640




 Moulton Recreation Center 

 13550 Court Street Moulton, Alabama 35650